Awesome Features

Make your employee, contacts, and company as well as recruitment
forms more personalized by adding custom fields!

Adding fields to Employee Profiles

In addition to the pre populated fields of the employee form, you will be able to add more fields at your disposal which will give you full control over the employee form.

Adding fields to Contacts Profile

Just like editing the employee profile form, you can also edit the contacts’ forms by adding more useful fields at ease.

Adding fields to Company Profile

Enabling you to add extra fields for companies makes it much more flexible and gives you a seamless experience when it comes to editing.

Experience versatility in field types

Don’t just be confined in adding plain text fields, add any sort of fields like password, dropdown, radio button, checkbox, calendar date, email, URL, number field etc.

Add Fields options on demand

Adding help texts, placeholders, and meta keys are the options that make the intent of field customization complete and enjoyable as well.

Supercharge Your Growing Business with All-in-one Business Manager

Awesome Features

Guide your CRM agents on a faster andorganized sales process

Powerful Extensions

WooCommerce Integration

Sync all your WooCommerce Store’s data with WP ERP’s CRM and Accounting module.


Manage your employees’ salary directly from the WordPress Dashboard.


Automate your emails, contact or employee creation and other related tasks.


An advanced Stock management for your products within your accounting module.

Payment Gateway

Integrate PayPal and Stripe to get payments directly from customers.

Custom Field Builder

Need to add extra fields to employee, contact and company profile? Add as many fields